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Being mindful of the government's advice on unnecessary contact, we are not currently meeting.  We were due to have walks in June, July and August so the first scheduled meeting would be in Septembe 


Ainsworth History Society now meets on the FIRST MONDAY of each month at 8pm in the UNITARIAN SCHOOL ROOM, Knowsley Road. Our next meeting will be on Monday ###.  All are welcome to join us.


AND... we are aiming to continue Ken Bullock’s amazing history of the village by recording significant events in village life  - see NEWS



Welcome to the home of the Ainsworth History Society – a site dedicated to the history of Ainsworth Village and surrounding area.  By accessing the content of www.ainsworthhistorysociety.org you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions and you accept our privacy policy


Sitting between Bolton and Bury, Ainsworth Village is the home of a thriving community with a population of around 2000.


The earliest mentions we can find of Ainsworth (historically known as Cockey) date back to approximately 79 AD, when the Manchester to Ribchester Roman Military road was constructed on the eastern side of Cocky Moor – the name now given to the moor to the east of the village.


Ainsworth has a wealth of history ranging from the construction of the Unitarian Church, The Ainsworth Village Day and Holcombe Hunt to name but a few.


Although the History Society was only founded in 2011, our aim is to keep alive the history of Ainsworth and share as much knowledge as we can about our picturesque little hamlet!


When our group was founded, we used to regularly meet at The Duke William, however we now meet on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at around 8:00pm at the Old White Horse, Ainsworth.


We welcome any contributions, from stories to pictures  - we’d love to hear from you.


Ainsworth History Society